First Moby AV7 build

Brycen Deines /

Sup everyone...been a looooong time since I've used the forum but a recently acquired 78' Motobecane 50V has sucked me back into a moped build.

Bike is in beautiful shape & I'll skip all the it sat for years bla bla and cut to the chase. Runs and rides now and so far it's stock with a Malossi short intake a SHA clone 15. Only other thing I swapped was stock pulley for a phone dial as my stocker was wonky. 60 main jet for now at 3000'.

Got the bike to do about 35 once with shit for motor mounts, soon to be replaced. I've done a ton of reading on performance mods, everything from stock cyl porting to kits to variator mods but that hasn't exactly helped me pin down what I want the build to be.

Basic goal is faster, maybe mid 40s. 50 plus would rule. I have a bunch of other motorcycle projects going as well so I don't really have it in me to do a bunch of porting & super time consuming mods. Kind of just wanna bolt on and go with this one. I did build a 55mph Hobbit which kind of ruined me as I sold it to a buddy and he's loving the hell out of it.

Budget isn't a huge issue. Anxious to hear feedback...


Re: First Moby AV7 build

Nice, that's tasty as hell.

I have a airsal 50cc that Andy scouten built that runs really nice. Def not in that 50+ territory but it's a solid cruiser close to 40. I would say for reliability and good around town speed that's the way to go. You can tune the variator and get them to accelerate and ride really nice.

The 45mm airsal is another pretty much bolt and go, but I think you want to replace the crank if you plan on much hard riding with that one. With the stock pipe and 15 sha it's not too tough to get them into that 45-50 range.

Anything more than that and it gets into 'more than a Saturday afternoon' territory, Moby not as quick and easy to get into that 50+ territory. Definitely upgrade to the le partie CDI either way and plan on seals and bearings. They are super simple little engines so it's worth a full rebuild while you have it apart. I think dropping the motor is the hardest part of the whole rebuild

Re: First Moby AV7 build

Brycen Deines /

Good info man, thank you. I gotta get those motor mounts swapped then I'm down to variator and seeing how many balls it has, maybe mod that and possibly the spring stiffening trick. Then I'll know I'm at about thebest I can get from semi stock.

From what I've read there's really no good pipe available for a near stocker to get an easy few mph.

I'd probably be content with mid 40s but may have to go kit to get there it seems.

Re: First Moby AV7 build

Yeah you can definitely port the cylinder to go over 40 with a stock pipe but the airsal 50 is already like a stock ported cylinder and I might try to get a little more out of it.

The French bikes in general and especially the Moby have a lot of moving parts and mechanical drag. I've seen them pick up 5 or more mph just from replacing motor mounts, cleaning, greasing wheel bearings, replace chains, pulley bearings, nice crispy belt, etc.

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