Re: Moped data acq attack

OK, last part, the code:

The code started off with that basic adafruit sketch which i copied from the circuitbasics site thinking they had it right for 100k... which they didn't.

The display uses the adafruit_gfx library and the screen library, super simple stuff.

As i posted above, when i figured out that it wasn't working, i found the NTC_thermistor library, which does work but it has a weird syntax so i still need to do some major re-coding to get it to work. Hopefully if i get a couple hours this week or next i will be able to get that done. I want to add the averaging and maybe throw in a filter cap too, just to see which works better.

The part that I'm designing this for i actually just shipped to Lee so he can start getting some data on it this week or next since i'm booked out. Pretty soon my posts in about 3 different threads will all come together and we can show you what I've been working on for a few years now.

Re: Moped data acq attack

🦺🥇b to the eff /

Sounds like fun, I look forward to it!

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