Vespa Malossi Fly Clutch issues

Dewey Martian /

The clutch does all the things it's supposed to do eccept disengage at a stop. It seems to be dragging or something making the bike wanna take off. If you let go of the break the bike will die or take off. It's like it's always engaged. As soon as you tighten the nut and try to spin the wheel It's engaged. The bell is rubbing the seal like all the new clutches do so I sanded it a little didn't help. I am using the treats cnc bell and have also tried the malossi bell both are tight against the seal. Any ideas on this?

Re: Vespa Malossi Fly Clutch issues

Dont have any of the fancy clutch bells but theres a shoulder on the shaft that sets the spacing. The gap from pulley to subframe is almost non existant but should not touch seal thats no good.

Other thing is if you grab shaft you should not be able to push pull too much just a tiny bit. Hmmm whats the word slop? If the In Out too much you have to try setting that bearing cap in the backside. Take a look at cheetahs wiki writeup.

Re: Vespa Malossi Fly Clutch issues

Dirty30 Dillon /

Yeah you want minimal lateral play on the input shaft, this is most easily done by setting "pre-load" on the rear cupped bearings for that shaft.

Other than that, I would suggest relieving the shoulder on the bell to reduce it's height. I have found that the aftermarket bells tend to physically bind the clutch/contra assy here, not necessarily buy friction from the seal.

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