LB50 Bearings & seals

I picked up a Chappy LB50 (I believe 1982 as it’s red and has 2U7 VIN) for $100.

It starts but is obviously suffering from toasted bearings and seals. I’m looking for a source for crank bearings and seals for my Chappy. Plenty of kits for the LB80, are they the same? Looking at parts numbers they don’t appear to be crossed with their big 80cc brother.

Any information would be helpful.


Re: LB50 Bearings & seals

Treatland has 'em, but you can also get many yamaha parts from dealers or sites like partzilla.

Re: LB50 Bearings & seals

Jack Rutherford /

Re: LB50 Bearings & seals

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