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Hey Graham, I hear you and have learned to do things one step at a time, even though my description here may not indicate that.

I religiously leak down test every engine due to my infamous history of weird air leaks. The latest being this Polini cylinder with a pinhole leak in the cylinder skirt - that Treats & Polini replaced. (The reed block screw hole was drilled too deep)

So more backstory:

With this new cylinder I wanted to try the Polini flat reed intake and made a custom intake so I could mount the PHBG without cutting any cylinder fins.

Works well, but got too hot on hard acceleration. Changed idle jets, tested, changed main jets, tested, changed needle , tested, changed timing, tested, etc. Including different timing and needle settings for each jet.

Runs well, but always too hot.

Worn cam and timing out of specs is likely the main issue here.

Moving forward, I have bought the Polini head which will help cool things down no matter what but will need to cut the fins and put the Malossi block back on as the new head wont work with the current intake.

(The malossi block did not have overheating issues)

So it will be a whole new round of step by step tuning once I get the new points and timing in spec. Cam must be worn as stator holes are widened and still can't retard timing fully. Also why I narrowed the points gap in an effort to retard it.

I do use a timing light to verify timing as well.

So once I get the new setup dialed in I will see where temps and top end are at.

The reed thickness performance question, as you pointed out, is now well down the tuning list. Just curious if anyone has tried different thickness reeds and what results they had.

But yeah, I obviously have a lot of steps to do before I mess with that.

As a PS> what cam lobe grease do people recommend these days?

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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