Suzuki rgv120 on a av10 ?

Seen a pic with info on this motobecane. I guess it’s running the Suzuki rgv120 cylinder. I don’t know what else he is running to make this work. Anyone else ever hear if this build? The transfers look close and the stud location looks to be in the right spot. I would think the crank you would have to drill out the sides of the case maybe to fit the seals because I see the crank being thicker. Just a thought. 120cc av10 would be fun

Re: Suzuki rgv120 on a av10 ?

where are my Moby peeps at? surprised nobody has some comments

Re: Suzuki rgv120 on a av10 ?

Alan Jackson /

studs might need relocating? i cant imagine 56mm bore would have the same stud spacing. plus a 49mm stroke crank would be required. doubt the std rgv would have the tapers to accept the moby clutch and ignition. its doable i suppose. plus a bit easier if you have access to a machine shop.

Re: Suzuki rgv120 on a av10 ?

Yeah no idea what you're talking about, stock av10 cases are pretty flimsy, can't see this working well.

The 'stage 6 Peugeot' thread down below will show you what needs to be done to stick a massive cylinder on Peugeot cases and they are aftermarket cases at that.

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