Nitrous on a av10?

Drew Gregory /

Ok I want to start off by saying yes I know this is probably a bad idea and that I'm crazy for trying it, now with that out of the way, is this possible?

I already have a rough plan in mind using one of those little small engine nitrous kits such as this

I don't have very much skill as far as nitrous systems go but I know the gist. I know that you need to add more fuel to compensate the extra air, I have a dellorto phbg 19 on my motor right now, I was thinking that since dellorto chokes inject more fuel when used instead of blocking off air I could tune the choke circuit to compensate fuel that way I can just pull the choke while using nos

I was planning on attaching the nitrous feed tube to one of the vacuum ports on the carb.

I know that nos will put much more extra strain on the motor but each of those little cans only have about a 10 second shot in them, do you think my motor can handle it? I have a Doppler full circle crank, an airsal 74cc kit with a 74cc polini head, mallossi intake and reeds, treats cdi, and a gianelli exhaust if that info helps.

I don't know if this is even feasible, but what do you guys think?

Re: Nitrous on a av10?

Dirty30 Dillon /

Your choke will never be enough to richen the mix enough for the shot of nitrous. Also, there is no way to meter the nitro if you're injecting through the vacuum port.

Ideally, you would also have a variable timing curve during the point of injection to avoid just blowing a hole straight through the piston.

Re: Nitrous on a av10?

It will grenade your engine, please film this.

Re: Nitrous on a av10?

Nitrous isn't like magic explosive fairy dust, it's just extra air, so you gotta add extra fuel. It's only gonna add as much power as you spray so if you jet everything right it's totally healthy. You'll need a wet shot setup with some kind of fuel pump and jetting.

Re: Nitrous on a av10?

> Graham Motzing Wrote:

> You'll need a wet

> shot setup with some kind of fuel pump and jetting.

OR jet it a tad richer and when you pull the trigger it'll run right

Re: Nitrous on a av10?

Re: Nitrous on a av10?

Jack Rutherford /

Those tiny shots of nitrous really don't do much - maybe add 3-4 mph on top end. I was running the DR kit and the manufacturer claims the nitrous kit works better on stock cylinders. I jetted mine richer and ran a colder plug and ran 93 octane gas and then added some octane boost as per the nitrous kit's directions. I also added a wheelie bar just in case the bike wanted to violently flip backwards after giving it the juice.

Was all that necessary? I don't know except the wheelie bar wasn't. I don't remember any remarkable cylinder head temperatures. I didn't have a tach on it but rpms definitely went up after the nitrous shot. Was it kind of fun? Yes. Was it worth the money - well I had to know so I did it. Will you blow a hole in your piston if you take the recommended precautions - not unless you empty the cartridge with multiple shots in under a minute and even then I'm not sure. Would I put it on another bike and try again - sure! (edited)

Re: Nitrous on a av10?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Inject into the floatbowl block overflow.

A cast iron cyl. Graphite the fuel.

Re: Nitrous on a av10?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Oh and a pressure regulator

Re: Nitrous on a av10?

Kevin Bishop /

I Second the pressure regulator

^ What he said

Re: Nitrous on a av10?

If you want 5 to 10 mph faster on top end get a good fairing .. when you duck down behind it ,,, your find the bike will go way quicker ..

On small bikes it makes all the difference.

In like 77 almost every guy living on the housing estate I live in the UK had an RD250 .. we all got them new and used to race down the high all on the tank ..

fast 90mph then a slow creep to 100mph and that was it on a stock bike ..

One of my buddy’s got a full fairing it was amazing he just lost us from about 80mph and was hitting 112mph some time 115mph … bolt on speed .

At the time it was expensive they where all fiberglass.. not this cheap nice plastic we get now .. the bikes where 700 pounds about $850 bucks at the time .. the fairing was 250 pounds … that’s a lot of money at the time ..

It you get a good Chinese plastic cop pit fairing on a moped that can do speeds over 50mph it will give you more top end .. cheap and no fear of F ing up your motor .

The black fairing was only $50 I think and the white one a lot bigger and not cheap plastic.. it’s was heavy compared it was like $199 ..


Re: Nitrous on a av10?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Not nearly as cool as a nitro detonation lever with a twistgrip and button trigger.

Re: Nitrous on a av10?

I'd take the fairing....nitrous is silly on such small engines.

Re: Nitrous on a av10?

sounds dumb and fun. i'd go for it.

Quick math, there s lots of places that'd indicate a proper increase in gas for increasing oxygen available for combustion, or get into the math of how it works, I expect most people dont see much gains cuz theyre not really using it right. it's like a whole second condition to tune for and if it's not also tuned it's kinda useless.

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