adding 70cc kit to my stock targa

I am going to install the 70cc kit on my stock targa lx a35. Anything I need to know besides deleting the oil injection pump. I am also going to install new clutches, brakes, and tires, It only has 1000 miles on it but I figure since Im doing the upgrades I should probably replace the wearable items and especially since they are 25 years old haha

Re: adding 70cc kit to my stock targa

Make sure when you delete the oil injection you remove the pump completely too. If these run without oil eventually they'll seize up.

Being this is your first post, I have no idea what you know about, but make sure you upjet your carb when you do this. How far? Who's to say. Get a range of jets for your Dellorto sha 14.12 carb. Failing to do this will cause the engine to seize. Stock jet is like a 53 I think, so make sure you get a nice range through the 50s and 60s probably.

Re: adding 70cc kit to my stock targa

Putting a kit on with the stock exhaust is kind of a waste of money. The pipe will bottleneck your setup pretty severely. Whatever you do, buy a range of dellorto jets bigger than the one in your carb now and read up on the wiki for how to do a plug chop and tune the carb. You don't really need to cut the spark plug up like the article says unless you're really trying to dial in your setup

Re: adding 70cc kit to my stock targa

get a cheap pipe, like a biturbo. while the biturbo isnt great for anything other than your wallet, its waaaay better than the stock exhaust.

you may even wanna get the pipe first, learn how to tune your carb, then get the kit. that way, if you seize the stock topend its not a waste of $new_kit$. also, stock topend has an iron sleeve and is less likely to be totally trashed when seizing.

consider getting a spark plug mounted temp sensor. if you dont trust your senses when tuning. while its not the best tool, you could avoid temperature induced dammage (edited)

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