Re: Tomos shifting

> Graham Motzing wrote:

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> Man this is great, can't believe I missed it, obviously this is how auto

> shift on like MotoGP bikes works, kill the engine for a split second and

> use a pneumatic ram to bang it into gear.


> Wish there was something like this for downshifting, I don't really mind

> the upshift on tomos but the downshift is the killer

This also works on downshift. I do this a lot riding my streetmate when climbing hills, never thought about using it to upshift though, gonna try it today on my Za50. The streetmate will start bogging and hold onto second until I flip the kill switch on and off. Worked with stock clutch springs and works better with the yellow 25lbs spring.

Re: Tomos shifting

Oh wow game changer! All my bikes are gonna get the little dirtybike killswitches now

Re: Tomos shifting

If this works for ZA50 I have a new use for that stock horn button…

Re: Tomos shifting

> Mike Boyd wrote:

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> If this works for ZA50 I have a new use for that stock horn button…

Tried it today and my za50 hated it for upshifting. Didn’t shift at all, actually stayed in first longer. It did however, allow me to downshift a little faster and cleaner into first coming out of a corner. It’s more happy with a light roll off the throttle or just letting it shift on its own for upshift.

That’s with 10w40 motorcycle oil, the best stock clutches I have and second flipped. It may act totally differently with atf, second installed normally or less/more slippy clutches. Za50 clutches are all different. I’ve had 3 different stock sets in my bike, they all had very different stall and shift points.

Re: Tomos shifting

I tested this today again shifting at even lower RPMs then before with even shorter of a duration on the killswitch. before I was pressing it at like 8500 RPMs in first gear for like a full second, still holding WOT the whole time. it would slip the clutch again to 6300 RPMs - 6500 RPMs in 2nd gear.

Today, i was pressing it as soon as like 7500rpm for like 1/2 a second and getting it to drop right into second, still holding the throttle at WOT. It still dropped right into the 2nd gear ratio and slipped the clutch to 6300 RPMs - 6500 RPMs again, but with less time spent with the ignition killed.

I think overall I'm taking off quicker, but I'll try to get some graphs of how quick take-off is with the GPS speedo we've been using for tuning bikes recently.

I'll make a little video with my tachometer in view in the next hour and hopefully everyone can see what happening.

either way, this is pretty sick.

I honestly think the ideal setup might be clutch springs for the jammer that would engage at like 7.5-8k and the stock red a55 2nd gear spring on the 2nd gear ratio clutch. I wanna see how quickly I can get the bike to shift and accelerate and to me that screams more a higher RPM launch and a quicker engaging second gear ratio clutch.

if the weather stays warm enough over the next week or so I might build a 2nd gear ratio clutch with the light tomos spring just to test my theory...but it's starting to get chilly here in Boston :(

Re: Tomos shifting

as promised, some bad videos

looks like i’m really taking off at 6700-7100 rpms launching in 1st gear

here’s me missing a shift on a hill, not pressing the kill switch for long enough.

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