Airsal 65cc kitted puch troubles

Hey all,

I am a beginner at kits. It wasn't too much trouble for me to get a stock ped running but kitting has thrown variables into the mix. got an e50 1.5 hp on a maxi that never did more than 23mph. kitted with stock 50cc head and kit had a leaky clutch and other woes blah blah blah...

fixed all that and got it running to 27 with a 12mm then got a 15mm and hit 45mph but here is the catch

having a hard time idleing I will half choke prime it Pop pop then dies screw around with adjustment and pop pop then dies screw around with it for ten minutes then fires and hits a random speed in the 30s then dies

my setup is this


airsal 65cc plus treats sport 65cc head

15mm legit bing

treats #1 grampa intake

stock clutch and points

foam hi flow filter

techno ciruit pipe

My guess is carb problems since it ran ok with a 12 just wanted more speed...

is there a starting point for carb tuning like a good needle setting and what jet range should I be at??? tried jetting all over the place but I am lost have a good range from the 50s-80s

already timed it and was running fine nice clean spark.

Thanks for helping a new guy out and not being an jerk.

-Tommy K (edited)

Re: Airsal 65cc kitted puch troubles

Probably Fred /

Not timed, tuned and jetted correctly and you got to lose that foam filter

But Need more info.

What’s jet size, atomizer#, what needle single or double embossed and clip setting

What point gap and timing setting?

What slide #

Was it running good once with 15mm bing then it screeched, locked or may have seized prior?

If timed right and no ignition problems and with a 217 atomizer, single ring needle, 24# slide and metal mesh filter not foam The Jet range would be 77-80# Middle needle clip setting

With a 15mm carb over a 12mm the Clutch needs to be tuned better with bigger springs to get into the powerband too

Make sure you choke slide is clipped correctly to lever so it doesn't fall back down

Re: Airsal 65cc kitted puch troubles

Soooo not being a jerk but did ya soft seize the carp out of it through the process? You could have kept this in your other post. Sounds like air leaks galore.

Re: Airsal 65cc kitted puch troubles

Tommy K /
amf OP

217 atomizer I have all the jets from 54-86 but I have no clue what to use

set points at .016 and timed to 18 bdc will check slide size when I get home from school

Re: Airsal 65cc kitted puch troubles

Tommy K /
amf OP

double checked timing followed your suggestions put the foamie back on and went from a 70 to an 78 jet moved the needle clip halfway and we are on to something. nice idle and hits 43 without any bogging.

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