Super Awesome Trac DP50 Cheat Codes

Ok so I’m a tinkerer. Have a new to me heap of a Trac Olympic. DP50 and DK50 engines are loosely based on the designs of the Tomos A3 engine. I have a milling machine. What could possibly go wrong?! Hoping to find performance parts that happen to fit Trac mopeds because of their design and stock parts from other bikes that can be used on these weird bikes.

Ok. So I know this isn’t even close to similar, but I know a thing or... no just one thing I guess... about Honda Minis. The engines Honda uses in bikes even now are based on the originals that were developed in the 60s, and that’s not even taking into account the plethora of clone engines from all manufacturers questionable in production methods. Point being even when the piston shape, stroke, or crank taper changed parts like the transmissions, clutches, or basic cases remained mostly the same. In looking at diagrams and images there are quite a few notable resemblances in the transmission of the Tomos and Daelim engines.

I just put an order in for parts to get the bike running a bit nicer in it’s stock form, as well as try modifying the guts when the time comes. The biggest issue I can see so far is that the driven site of the Tomos a3 transmission has a nut on the outward end while the Daelim has what appears to be a circlip, which doesn’t space the gears out as far from the bearing. I keep going over the clutch thing in my head trying to think on how I may be able to modify it to not be a problem. Maybe add a decomp or something idk. I’ll be back

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Every part in the dailim is approximately 3% smaller that the tomos transmission it's based on. I doubt you'll have much luck. It's a knockoff not a clone.

If I were you I'd look into making performance clutches based on the tomos designs. Seeing as you have a mill

You should probably figure out what you can do for top ends first as they were totally different than tomos. Never though about kitting a dailim. Huh, they are good engines so why not. Way ahead of the batavus tracs (edited)

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Wow. I owe you a beer! I never came across this in my reading so you could have saved my ass some money. Well... I easily could have and ignored it ‘cause it made me sad. Stranger things have happened. Regardless, we press on!

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Don’t run a head gasket, double up on the base gasket. Raise the exhaust port 1mm. MLM people’s pipe from treats.

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Ok. So exciting stuff is happening! Got a shipment from treats!


The main things here are the new cables, rubber coated reed plate with a reed that won’t totally grenade the engine if it fails,


new control levers, new grips, 15mm bing, and an exhaust that isn’t boring! The levers are sold on Treatland as Vespa parts, but since the Trac has Domino control perches they are more or less the same! The cable is because all the cable is cracking. I’m ok with a little hacking if need be, so for 40 bucks I couldn’t pass it up. The fun stuff is the carb and muffler. 3D printed a spacer to fit the carb onto the stock intake manifold, but I got the ID wrong so I’ll need to do that again. Awesome fit on the OD tho.


I’ll upload a .stl when it isn’t 4am. And get it fixed. Machined an exhaust flange and am currently fabricobbling together a header for before the chamber. With pie cuts. Cause no bender ☹️. Oh! So I asked if they had any broken Tomos stuff lying around if they could throw it in. AND THEY DID!!! Amongst other things, ended up with a seized crank/piston assembly, a broken set of cases, and a 2 speed transmission that’s missing quite a few teeth. So basically stuff that’s perfect for what I want it for, which is measurements and comparisons. I’m not at a point where I’m gonna tear into the motor just yet but I’m sure one of these days the boredom will overtake me. Thinking I need some minibike dirt bars. It’s a process.

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Why did you go up in carb size, if you diddnt enlarge the intake. Engines going to act the same way as it has the same restriction. Curious as to what jetting you'll end up with.

What material did you print? Are fuel safe filaments a thing?

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I don't have any information to back this up, but my theory is that the daelim top end is copied from yamaha. If you wanted to explore this further you could get a qt50/pw50 base gasket and see if the studs match.

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So currently I’m using PLA while I’m prototyping. Gonna wit carbon fiber impregnated PETG next, which should be perfect. Both will hold up to fuel but PLA actually is not sealed to gasoline vapors. Kinda like iodine in a plastic bag. As far as the bigger carb goes these engines are teeny carbs from the factory. I’m gonna play with the jetting a bit for sure. The head gaskets do look strikingly similar between these engines and Yamaha engines. I took some measurements when I had the head off.

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I bring gifts.


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Look at that clutch

Took some measurements cause I’m very curious of the similarities between this clutch and an a3 first gear clutch. Not giving up on hacking together a 2 speed drivetrain yet.

Also, Yamaha jugs aren’t bolt on, but they do fit with slight case boring and the ports are waaaaayyyy bigger so yeah. I’ll do pics when I start to throw it back together. Also also 123bearings rocks if anyone was wondering. The cheaper prices more than make up for the slightly higher shipping costs, and I had tracking the whole way from France!

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Keep it going man! Alot of these bikes have been related to loaner duty or scrapped! Revive the dailim, Make them neater!

It's great to see someone working on these.

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