Super Awesome Trac DP50 Cheat Codes

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Ok so I’m a tinkerer. Have a new to me heap of a Trac Olympic. DP50 and DK50 engines are loosely based on the designs of the Tomos A3 engine. I have a milling machine. What could possibly go wrong?! Hoping to find performance parts that happen to fit Trac mopeds because of their design and stock parts from other bikes that can be used on these weird bikes.

Ok. So I know this isn’t even close to similar, but I know a thing or... no just one thing I guess... about Honda Minis. The engines Honda uses in bikes even now are based on the originals that were developed in the 60s, and that’s not even taking into account the plethora of clone engines from all manufacturers questionable in production methods. Point being even when the piston shape, stroke, or crank taper changed parts like the transmissions, clutches, or basic cases remained mostly the same. In looking at diagrams and images there are quite a few notable resemblances in the transmission of the Tomos and Daelim engines.

I just put an order in for parts to get the bike running a bit nicer in it’s stock form, as well as try modifying the guts when the time comes. The biggest issue I can see so far is that the driven site of the Tomos a3 transmission has a nut on the outward end while the Daelim has what appears to be a circlip, which doesn’t space the gears out as far from the bearing. I keep going over the clutch thing in my head trying to think on how I may be able to modify it to not be a problem. Maybe add a decomp or something idk. I’ll be back

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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