NC50 Low End

Can someone recommend me a good setup for low end power on my NC50? I'm going to have to rebuild/kit it this winter so I wanted input on a cylinder and pipe combo. Right now I have a VM18 and modified Jammy. I have a circuit pipe that I could make fit too. I don't care about top speed as I won't really need to go over 30mph. Mostly I'm concerned with take-off and low speed acceleration.

Would keeping the stock cylinder be beneficial since most kits are optimized for higher RPM power? Maybe stock cyl with an overbore? Stocko-shocko kit from treats?

I don't know enough about cylinders and porting to make an informed decision on my own

I'm confident in my ability to weld too if there's anything I can do with the clutch to help down low. However I don't want to pay through nose for machine work if I don't have to

Re: NC50 Low End

Jack Rutherford /

Proma circuit pipe if you are willing to mod it to fit.

Search on here for clutch mods as well. Someone welded the gear to a different clutch. Or you can remove material from the stock clutch.

What's your compression? You can bump the compression to help with low end.

two speed or 1 speed? (edited)

Re: NC50 Low End

Fitting a circuit pipe shouldn't be a problem. I'll look into the clutch mods too. I think I have a spare that I can experiment with.

I don't know about the compression. Need to put a tester on it I guess? Is there a good head to adapt to bump up compression or is it better to mod the stock head? Pretty sure I have an exrtra Hobbit head somewhere

The bike is a 1 speed

Re: NC50 Low End

Jack Rutherford /

This would be a good head to keep temps down (and much better than the stock head). You can sand down any head to bump up compression.

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