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> Graham Motzing Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I don't use it much anymore but when I was learning how to tune it did

> help a lot with trying to understand what changes do what.


> After you've tuned a dozen or so bikes you can 'feel' them but until

> then I think it really is a nice way to understand what is happening

> with the changes you are making and catch a problem before it seizes.

I have tuned dozens of mopeds and 2t motorcycles before I used a gauge but once I used them I won’t go back to not having one because they're a safeguard like a temperature gauge in a car, especially in performance car, a performance bike build needs the same temperature protection,

They helped me a few times. Once I had lower than normal temperature and loss of power, it turned out my timing was going retarded because point cam was wearing,

Another time the temperature was climbing higher than normal, it turned out filter fell off and I had it air leak too.

There was other instances to like when I put a brand new bing jet in of the same size to replace an old one but it turned out I read it wrong (82 vs 88) the bike ran pretty much almost the same but with a higher temperature,

Two cycle engines are funny, they run the best right before they explode so going by how good they run doesn't mean Doink,

To keep them alive you need a bit more rich jetting then perfect optimal and a little less aggressive timing to control temps and a way to monitor engine condition,

I run tachometers on some bike builds too, a little loss of rpm means performance is down from blocked pipe, brakes, bearings, chain binding/dragging, something worn etc. before you can feel it,

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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