What jets to start with?

I've got a '78 Kamasura with a square bing (maybe fake) on a sachs 505 clone. Runs well actually. I ordered the high flow intake filter and the sachs 2 part exhaust from treats. Stock exhaust is more like a mower exhaust and it's clearly lacking. I've also got a genuine square bing 85/12/101a coming.

Where do I start with jets? Stock is 52, jets for the square bing are expensive ($7 each, only available from Treats so I'd like to buy what I need all at once) otherwise I'd buy a nice selection. I checked the treats tuning selection and the other square bings (all three of them) are running 58 jets with similar intakes and exhausts. Thinking of getting a 58 and a 60 or 62. Any need for something between 52 and 58? Or is 58 a safe starting point?

Thanks for the help! Excited to get this thing running better.

Re: What jets to start with?

Looks like most folks in the tuning spreadsheet that are running 12mm bings on sachs are using jets in the 58-62 range.

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