moby exhaust upgrades?

got a stock moby (non variated) running a 15 sha is there a pipe i can toss in to get a wee bit more mmmmmph out of the engine? im runnin it til it blows then ill be converting it to variated and be more willing to huck money into it. its the first ped ive had in 12 years so just tryna have fun before i turn it into a money pit.

Re: moby exhaust upgrades?

You can look up the derestriction process. Stock bananas can be used with pretty good results if you still them.

I prefer them on my previous 70cc builds. Never made a racer so diddnt want a big ol honker hanging off my bike.

Re: moby exhaust upgrades?

it came with the black sito stock replacement pipe would that still be restricted?

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