Need help with a setup for my bravo :)

Hello i want to tune my bravo.

I want a fast but also stable setup for long rides.

I was thinking of buying one of these cylinders:




But i dont know which of them is best, or if there is something better.

I will buy a 13.13 carb, and a malossi filter

I have no idea what exhaust i should get, and i dont know if i should get a exhaust that looks legal, or if should just go for performance.

I have looked at the these exhausts: Calibrata, Fire, Too bad, top one, Proma circuit

I also dont know if i should go for polini, malossi or pinasco variator.

I like the polini the most

What do you guys recommend.

Re: Need help with a setup for my bravo :)

Dr kit is nice, many people swear buy them. My uncle had one and on his Grande for a long time, definetly lastly cylinder. The transfers are pretty big for a Vespa, you will want to case match.

I have always liked the malossi, super nice quality. Probably not as fast as the dr, but you can slap them on a bike without case matching even though you should.

The old 43mm Polini is sort of garbage, maybe the new race one is better. Super weak exhaust flange.

Polini variator is the best, with a mild setup you wouldn't ever have an issue with a malossi though.

Any of those pipes. Proms is my least favorite, but they are not bad.

Re: Need help with a setup for my bravo :)

The malossi is cheaper because you need to buy a head with the dr, and easier for a first time because there is less risk of a base gasket air leak since you don't have to port near the margin. It's not a blaster by a long shot but it's a nice solid boost over stock and makes for a good chill daily rider.

The DR definitely runs harder than the malossi, it makes more power on the top end, and it likes the techno circuit for some reason I don't know, but will also do well with the proma.

Either way make sure you go for a roller bearing crank, and port the intake. You don't have to cut the crank but it helps, but you definitely have to port the intake.

Re: Need help with a setup for my bravo :)

Sune Warncke /

Thank you for the answers :D It really helped. Btw is the DR kit the best 65cc performance wise overall, or only out of the 3 kits i linked? (edited)

Re: Need help with a setup for my bravo :)

There are all sorts of good kits. Dr is arguably the best readily available 43mm, but there on others, 43mm Athena is pretty sweet too. You may have to build up the cases with some jb weld with either of these.

It depends on what sort of performance you want, rider weight, budget, and a number of other factors.

My go to set up is 46mm Pinasco, polini speed cases, aftermarket vario. Super easy, not as costly as other aftermarket cases. Works well with with my budget, weight, and my ideal moped performance. But there are a number of combinations of parts and ingenuity that could produce the same or better results.

Re: Need help with a setup for my bravo :)

Jason ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /

I will just speak from experience because a couple years ago I was wondering the same stuff before building my first Vespa and had extremely similar goals.

I like the Malossi 43mm the best, really fantastic mid and high range balance of power (and if later you're looking for that top end only absolute ripper all you have to do is raise the exhaust port slightly and open the crank web up a little on the closing edge). You don't need to cut the crank with the malossi and you don't need to case match, but you do definitely need to open up the intake patch rather big to really utilize the power that it can afford you. So you will have to split the cases.

I bolted all this stuff onto my Grande (probably heavier than your bravo if it has spokes) and was easily able to see 47-49mph consistently. The bike also ran like a top for an entire season, nothing engine wise ever gave me any issues (except my points system/wiring). I put triple the hours on my first piston than the service limit Malossi suggests for high rpm riding (make sure to file your rings to the right size though and chamfer all the ports because they're sharp af and will eat your rings for breakfast):

- 43mm Malossi (no case match or crank cut)

- Intake bored out

- Polini variator (I think im running like 24g total in it)

- Malossi belt

- Proma circuit

- Stock contra spring

- 13mm SHA @70 main jet

- Malossi filter

- Stock points igntion

- Stock tall gears (verify that you have these and if not buy some used)

For what it's worth I also tried the Polini and the DR 43mm, no case match no crank cutting just dropped it in, and still made the best acceleration and top speed with the Malossi. Additionally, the first pipe I tried was the techno circuit and it was an absolute dog compared to the proma. Now I only run promas. I lost roughly ~10mph off my top speed on all configurations running the techno. (edited)

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