Derbi Revolution starting issues

Hey, I picked up a 2000 Derbi Variant Revolution the other day and I'm having some problems getting it going.

Most of the wiring was disconnected, took my time and a diagram and got that all back together. Big frame ground wire is good, tight and clean.

It will occasionally start and run a few seconds on starting fluid. So I pulled the plug and it's a little wet, but it doesn't seem like it's getting enough fuel. If I kick start it with the throttle closed it'll try to fire. If I try and kick it at WOT, it occasionally burps through the carb.

I got bad reeds, don't I? I know it's gonna be a pain to change, my big problem is finding the right ones. Anyone help?

Another thing, when I pull the fuel line off the fuel petcock diaphragm, it just pours out fuel. I thought that was supposed to be vacuum operated, and should only flow fuel when there's a vacuum on it.

This is a sweet bike and I'd love to get it back on the road, I just need a little guidance to do so here.

Re: Derbi Revolution starting issues

Have you pulled the carb and cleaned it yet ?

Re: Derbi Revolution starting issues

Probably had the vacuum petcock removed they sucked. You should just take out the front mounting bolt remove throttle cable from top of the carb disconnect decomp cable if you still have one and lower the motor. Makes it easy to get to everything. While you have it down replace intake gaskets while looking at the reeds which might need replacing as long as you’ve gone this far. Also check the plastic ring in the carb where the intake goes. Those are prone to leaking if someone has been messing around with it.

Re: Derbi Revolution starting issues

Yeah I cleaned it and that's a whole pain in the ass in itself.

Re: Derbi Revolution starting issues

My start V would start with starter fluid but not the carb when the reeds were leaking.

Do a compression test and test the reeds.

An easy way to test the reeds is to hook a tube up to the intake and suck

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