Next steps for pug102

With help from some members I’ve got the 102 rideable...thanks people.

Next, I’d like to improve performance, but I know shit about the exhaust and ignition on these things.

I understand from the wiki pages how to set timing, clean points...but I’d like to know what I can/should do to improve performance and reliability on this. I’ve seen CDI kits on treats....but shit, they cost about what I paid for the whole bike. Then I need a kit, or just a certain part and the rest is stuff already on the bike I can reuse? Did I mention I don’t know shit about this aspect?

And how about exhaust? Is stock fine or should they really be replaced?

I find lots of stuff for the 103, very little that is 102 specific...other than being variated, is the 103 pretty much the same for engine parts?

This thing will spend 90% of its time on gravel roads, so high speed isn’t what I’m after. Just looking for “fun” speed, ability to pull itself up hills and durability.

I’m getting ready to replace the tires and replace the are cracked to beat hell, rear brakes are all but useless. Any recommendations for either?

Also read a few things about converting to it worth it, or is staying 6v better for my situation?

Thanks for the help, I know I’ll be back with more questions as I progress with this.

Re: Next steps for pug102

"other than being variated, is the 103 pretty much the same for engine parts?"

No, not really. 102s are piston ported and have a fixed exhaust as well as not having a variator. While some parts may interchange between 102s and 103s, it's the exception rather than the rule.

There are some fixed speed 103s too, but they are much closer to other 103s than 102s. There used to be some 50cc kits for 102s, but they don't seem to be available anymore.

You won't really gain anything by going from points to cdi on this bike so long as your points are working asll. If I were you I'd put an MLM intake, 15mm dellorto, and the MLM people's pipe on it. This blog post summarizes the differences you can expect form such a change:

Re: Next steps for pug102

You can swap on a hero panther cylinder if I'm not mistaken. Keep the 102 piston. You should see gains

Re: Next steps for pug102

Skip Allen /

Thanks for the link. Already have the new carb on, couldn’t get it to run with the original no matter how much cleaning I did.

Once I pull the wheels to verify brake size, I’ll order the pipe and intake too.

Anyone have input on brake pads? I’ve read that ped brakes suck in general, but right now I get better stopping using flintstone method over the rear brakes. Fronts are ok, but won’t get used much on gravel roads.

Re: Next steps for pug102

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