Electronic sequence shifter?

Just found this on the internet.

It appears to be an electronic system to turn your scooter/moped into a shifter bike? They work on horizontal minarellis so they probably also work on Derbi's.

I don't know anything about this or why you'd want it, but i thought i'd share.

Re: Electronic sequence shifter?

Translation of description :

"Sequential electronic shifting for your scooter.

Makes it possible to shift gears with your scooter.

You can set the number of gears yourself with this system.

Advice is to choose a maximum of 3 gears with a scooter that is not tuned up.

It is different with heavily tuned scooters, here me you can go up to 5 switching options.

This system can be mounted on all Minarelli horizontal engines.

The set comes with installation manual.

Note: only for horizontal horizontal"

€ 36,12 =$42.41 .

Re: Electronic sequence shifter?

Dirty30 Dillon /

That's pretty dope. it's like a stepped launch lever for dual variated. Probably want the lightest contra possible to keep the stepper motor alive, but pretty cool.

I wouldn't buy one other than to fuck with it, as a properly tuned CVT is way more effecient, but it's definitely neat.

Re: Electronic sequence shifter?

> Dirty30 Dillon Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I wouldn't buy one other than to fuck with it, as a properly tuned CVT

> is way more effecient, but it's definitely neat.

Yeah it's more efficient but I keep my DT50 around cause sometimes you just want to slam through 6 gears to hit 40mph ya know

Re: Electronic sequence shifter?

I’ve done this manually with cable shifter rods and variation brakes on variated mopeds.

It’s a thrill.

I usually run 3 locked gears as well.

On heavily tuned high revving engines,

It’s an advantage. You can often go faster via rev acceleration vs roller acceleration.

I’ve experienced it and wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t actually experience it

Re: Electronic sequence shifter?

hah, damn, that's pretty neat. my first assumption is like, why have a variator if you want shifting gears, like in theory it should work better to just have a well tuned variator, no? But it's still clever and practically I bet it's pretty fun. neat. I like Jbot's approach

Re: Electronic sequence shifter?

Holy shit you found it. I've been looking for that again for like 2 years. I felt crazy like it didnt exist and I had imagined it.

There used to be video on youtube of one of these things working on a scoot. Sounded neat.

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