Noi ssxl pipes

Eugene Robertson /

Need recommendations for a pipe for a not yet kitted but soon to be 80 noi ssxl. Don’t have access to a welder or a hell of a lot else. So any profits are super welcome. Thanks in advance. 🤙

Re: Noi ssxl pipes

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

This is what a treatland search brought up, parts shortage lately so not as much selection as usual.

A Tecno bullet/biturbo for puch or other puch pipes could be bent to fit.

Or you could measure your header diameter, and if you're at 28mm you can use this:

Re: Noi ssxl pipes

Angle port puch pipes fit on my garelli. Just gotta figure out the rear bracket so it stays nice and solid. I have also gotten a tomos pipe on my garelli before. Never needed to heat bend them for a fit either.

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