China E50 Crank

Anyone tried them? Picked one up for 60 shipped, got here in 15 days.

Says motocross so I'm sure it's pretty fast.


Re: China E50 Crank

Should be fine once you get clutch shimming right.

Re: China E50 Crank

Sander Mulder /

Re: China E50 Crank

"motocross" means you can take it off jumps now

Re: China E50 Crank

i should try it.

so i've yet to install but after taking a hard look at it i noted the following..

-dimensions seem spot on to treats crank

-big end bearing didn't spin super smooth, seems that whatever thick disgusting orange machine grease they use had made its way into the big end bearing. Washed with diesel and lubed up with some 2t oil and now it is buttery smooth.

-small end bearing seems to be of terrible quality, luckily i have a couple of new ones on deck.

Re: China E50 Crank

Let us know how the install goes for sure!

Re: China E50 Crank

If the small end bearing is questionable, the big end probably is too. Curious to see how it holds up!

Re: China E50 Crank

Pablo Puchasso /

Any update on this?

Re: China E50 Crank

I've bought vespa cranks from those guys before, they seem ok. I also wash them out first, they have some kinda rustproofing gunk on them I think.

I dunno if it's worth saving 20 buck on a puch crank since you can get a pretty good one for like $80. I was getting the Vespa one for 45 when a decent one is like 100$, so the savings was worth it.

Denny cycles has them now cheaper than AliExpress

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