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Had a bash at tiding the cables up, tried cinching them to the bars but it all looked to tight. Cut a new decomp cable long enough to follow the throttle and made up this little guy to fit into a preexisting boss above the fork stop.


Best I could do with the brake cables was run them through the centre lamp bracket.


Good shout guys, I wouldn't have thought of it but I think it looks better like this.

Re: Meddling with a Wisp

That definitely looks way better than before. With that carb you can also try going up to a boggy jet and remove a screen or two from the screen pack and that will allow a little more air.

Or if you want to use the jet you have take some electrical tape and tape off part of the opening on the black cap. I have also found success in puting a little cardboard restricted piece at the top of the screen pack to restrict some air flow.

Re: Meddling with a Wisp

> Tom Boyd wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Also i think that noise in the video might be points flutter🤔, I checked

> them and they are gapped at 12tho, how tight can you gap points?

From Google :

"What happens if point gap is too small?

This does not give the coil sufficient time to charge, resulting in a weak spark. It also slightly retards the timing. In short, either too wide or narrow a point gap will cause a misfire under load."

Re: Meddling with a Wisp

Wicked build be a wisp i Saved from being scraped about a year ago.

Iam after a pair of the covers that go over the carb and an air filter as mines missing.

Iam in Lincolnshire north of Boston In the countryside.

👍😎 Keep up the excellent work

Re: Meddling with a Wisp

Hi Simon, if you mean the tin chain guard that goes over the carb and back to the rear wheel, then try mopedland, I think Danny was tooling up to get them reproduced. He might also have an old air filter cover but there are two sizes.

If your talking about the two chrome covers that go over the coil then ebay is your best bet, although brace yourself, last set I saw went for £80+. You could make them yourself, wouldn't be hard to make a pair out of ali. I decided not to bother and chopped that shitty T bracket off.

Great to hear from another UK wisp owner, good luck with the rebuild, hope you post up a build thread👍 (edited)

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