E50 high end clutch(KTM)

Hey MA, sorry for double posting but thought this needed a post for itself.

Are there any other options than the ktm clutches out there for E50 clutches that can take a lot of HP?(Jammer? VDM clutch?)

For the SX50 clutch do you just buy a clutch and bell and weld the E50 gear on the bell and smack it on? or is there anything else you need to do?

Have any of you tried an upgraded/tuning SX50 clutch?(if they exist :P) How about a china clutch?

Dont know if its going on a E50 kick or pull - starter engine but its going to be LC with a high HP scootercylinder :D

Thanks Emil, MM Racing

Re: E50 high end clutch(KTM)

My homie has a jammer (hammer?) On his 80cc e50. It rips and has held up for longer than it I thought it would.

Re: E50 high end clutch(KTM)

What setup is he running?


Also if there is a good clutch that can be made with a lot of work please do tell :) Especially if it's manual :D

Re: E50 high end clutch(KTM)

I want to say it's a metrakit MLM pipe 24mm oko

Re: E50 high end clutch(KTM)

Ktm is the best for the amount of work it takes to make it do a thing. A lot of people say tomar is better, but I’ve never used one. What I have seen is that those things take years to tune in and they are so expensive.

Re: E50 high end clutch(KTM)

China ktm. Cost vs performance ratio is high, tuning it in can be frustrating. Great once you get it dialed in, until a bolt breaks or hub cracks or shoes glaze or wear out. Gotta buy several clutches and select the most well matched components from all of them, but they're like $15 so whatever. I've no experience with the OEM ktm ones.


V1 hammer with e50 taper. I like this one a lot but it's out of production and expensive. The original Kevlar lining can be sensitive and glaze over, but when it falls off you can reline it with different friction material.


Ktm tomar holeshot. I haven't ran this yet but I'm pretty excited for this one. Needs the most machine work. Motors about done, frame is next.


Re: E50 high end clutch(KTM)

Sander Mulder /

In Holland most guys race with a ktm clutch,

-china clutch pads

-mbr springs/rings

-original or MBR clutch hub

-stronger bolts

Works fine

Re: E50 high end clutch(KTM)

Are this Ktm clutches hard to adjust?

There are clutch/bell sets for sale but are they like plug n play or ?

Re: E50 high end clutch(KTM)

Sander Mulder /

You can adjust them with different shim, MBR race parts has a tuning overview with the rpm’s to different shims

Re: E50 high end clutch(KTM)

Matt Mahloch -- MBM Customs /

Anybody have a link to the MBR page that says what stiffness equals what stall?

OP the OEM KTM is well worth the effort. Go ahead and pair it with straight cut gears while you’re at it. With the increased stall the helical gears will blow your snap ring off. (edited)

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