QT50 Rear Shock Replacment

Are any of these crazy looking 320mm shocks on ebay and amazon with a clevis fitting on the lower side actually compatible with my QT50 without further fitting, rigging, adapters, and so on? I love the idea of actually having somewhat of a rear suspension, what's best, what's everyone running? Ive read a completely mixed bag of results.

Re: QT50 Rear Shock Replacment

Seems the way the suspension is already set up you might not notice any improvement. With the shaft drive nearly inflexible inside and very limited engine flexing on its mounting bushing it's just not designed to flex much. I'd try a completely different seat mounting for a better ride. But give it a try and let us know the outcome.

Re: QT50 Rear Shock Replacment

true... its a hardtail for all points and purposes i suppose. your just cushioning the seat with a shock i guess

Re: QT50 Rear Shock Replacment

Most cheap shocks you'll find are sprung too light to use a single because they're intended to be used as a pair.

The "QT50 Black Shock" on treats is cheap and nice looking and seems ride much better than stock. You get a few preload adjustments too.

Re: QT50 Rear Shock Replacment

Almost makes me wonder if a little Jeep shock would be better

Re: QT50 Rear Shock Replacment

I received my Treats order today and one thing in it is that shock.

Mine came on the second from lowest preload. I installed it, sat on it, and bounced. I got off cranked the preload to max and I'm not impressed. Max feels like the OEM shock. I'm not happy.☹🤬

So if you feel the stock shock is too stiff (not likely) get this and you can soften it up.

To me, the softest setting should match the OEM, and go stiffer from there.

I like the black color though. I'm going to put another rubber bumper on the one there.

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