Re: Morini Pacer UH-OH I KiDDED MYSELF

Epic thread Jack on this one.


Here's what Ken is talking about, an airsal piston I pulled with about 1500 miles with a textbook perfect break in on 30:1 dominator. The black on top was where the trans oil was getting sucked in through a bad crank seal, causing me to tear it down and rebuild.

Normally I don't take apart a perfectly good top end so I don't have a lot of these kinds of pics. Just took this one because it's such a nice break in you can see perfect even shine on the rings with no streaks or dull spots and a perfect clean skirt with the high spots just slightly worn down.

Re: Morini Pacer UH-OH I KiDDED MYSELF

That is a good kit that I put @1000 miles easily on a set of rings at 43:1 synthetic.

Re: Morini Pacer UH-OH I KiDDED MYSELF

Make sure you break it in with horse tallow next time (edited)

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