Trac Fun!

So I was given this Trac by some nice folks a bit south of myself in Ohio


It has the 2-speed motor, which I’ve never played with, but back in the day we’d track these down to steal the intakes off of (16mm and they fit on tomos). So id like to get this moving, I’m thinking of keeping it simple, SHA and a pipe. What have you done? Are these points or cdi? It’s an 84 if that matters, do other ignitions work on them? I know they use a3 clutches, but that’s about all I know, lay some info on me!

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Those are cool mags

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Yeah, I've heard that it's essentially a tomos clone. I'm thinking a saw one with an alukit a few years clue if it's plug and play.

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Probably Fred /

Good find, Very good/fast for a stock bike, I had the identical bike, 35 mph all day

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Who’s made one fast, what did you do?

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Beach Club Nick /

> Toledo Riot Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Bump!


> Who’s made one fast, what did you do?

Not an m56 but an m48. M1 airsal kit with the stud holes bored out and an aluminum spacer on the cylinder base. VM18, MLM pipe. Hits 48 with me on it. Not sure how similar the stroke/stud spacing is on the m56


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Eric Davenport /

almost certain that's a m56 engine not the daelim 2 speed

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> Eric Davenport Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> almost certain that's a m56 engine not the daelim 2 speed

It is the m56

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Dp50 owner here. Did the mlm pipe and sha 15/15 with mlm adapter, still acts stock. Will do 30-35 stock and mod all day, but can’t get her up hills. The only thing I’m thinking would be to replace springs on clutch to get a better start.

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

M56 Laura prolly a minerelli kit with the m56 case bored to fit.

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