Soup Up or Wait?

I'm looking at getting a different carb and filter for my 1978 Batavus Starflite. The thing is, my current one isn't really giving me much trouble yet. Maybe I should just keep it as is for now?

It does leak a little fuel here and there.

Re: Soup Up or Wait?

Get all the parts together then do it. That way it's all done at one time rather then piecing it part by part.

Re: Soup Up or Wait?

Just fix the leak and run it .

68 bucks will get you a long way down the road . ;)

Re: Soup Up or Wait?

classic carl jepsen /

I plan on being the BIG PARTY garage most for the day ,the stove is lit,the temps up to about 65 degrees and plenty of work to be done.I would like to do something with least amount of preperation.Chilli or soup are good options,or maybe smoke somthing on the grill all day? ..Any suggestions?

Re: Soup Up or Wait?

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For upgrading a carb, I usually try to find a used one for sale. new ones are nice, but with just a little work cleaning and jetting, you can get the same product from 1/2-3/4 of the price

Re: Soup Up or Wait?

Ehh, they don't like, bolt on. And they don't give much if any boost by themselves. You gonna have to fuck with the throttle cable, choke hits, nothing major but you gotta be ready.

Best thing you can do is a clamp on pipe, that will be a noticable increase, unfortunately there isn't much you can do that cheap with good return on a batavus.

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