E50 70cc TCCD piston lubrication holes


So I've been looking into piston lubrication holes. Not the ones that people

drill into the upper ring landing (though those seem pretty awesome for reducing

temps reliably), the ones that are typically drilled for kits with an exhaust bridge in it.

Can't seem to find much info about folks trying it on kits without the exhaust bridge. Call me Crazy Wayne, but would there be any sort of advantage at all in drilling in some or all of the areas (on the piston) between cylinder/piston windows to allow for additional lubrication? May assist in reducing or eliminating soft/hard seizes or excessive wear?


I attached a pic of the 70cc TCCD kit for the E50 that I'm installing and marked the areas I mentioned.

I guess what I'm really asking is; even if the potential benefits are unknown or immeasurable, can it possibly hurt to drill a few holes so long as it doesn't mess with case pressure?

Re: E50 70cc TCCD piston lubrication holes

A lot of kits have wells around the wrist pin to pool a little bit of oil. One of the metra kits I have has little oil ports under all the ports to capture oil. Reliefs are beneficial, but just adding a few holes all Willy nilly will basically do nothing.

Re: E50 70cc TCCD piston lubrication holes

Totally normal JBOT /

It won't hurt. Go for it.

People do gas porting above the wrist pin, and the ring land ports are for compression not for lubrication. Acts like a dykes ring

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