My setup

This is by FAR the best setup I have got for my Puch e50: 70cc DMP kit, 15mm real Bing, 15mm intake, 74 jet, needle clip on 2nd from top, no air filter, MLM Cali pipe, point gap at 16 thousandths, 16/42 sprockets, timing around 17 degrees, NGK B7HS spark plug gapped at .016", stock 2-shoe clutch with stock springs 4 turns in from flush. This bike tears off the line, destroys hills and rips solidly hard all the way up to 46 mph (tested on flat roadway against a roadside police radar sign and with the stock 40mph speedo needle pointing straight down on the "P" of MPH). Full clutch engagement between 22-25 mph. This setup has been by far the winning combo for my e50 Maxi. This is definately the way to go for a piston port kitted Puch for anyone out there who aren't sure (edited)

Re: My setup

Thomas Peffer /

So I have now changed the front sprocket from a 16 tooth up to an 18 tooth (18/42 gearing). Bam it's now a legit 50mph bike with decent takeoff

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