Base gasket complaints!

What the hell is going on with treats? Base gaskets for the a35 are cut to look like Mickey mouse cookie cutter! Had to cut a line off these new Base gaskets to line up with transfer Port. And I ordered clutch cover gaskets and they sent Case gaskets. And I look over my order a few times B4 purchase. I think some workers get in a hurry. It's just frustrating when you're happy ups arrived and then your shit is muffed up.

Re: Base gasket complaints!

Sucks that your stuff got mixed up. I’m sure they’ll fix you up.

However, I always cut all those gaskets myself. Only gasket I buy is the exhaust crush gasket.

If you don’t want to wait, The local parts store is sure to accommodate.

Re: Base gasket complaints!

Cereal boxes work great for cutting gaskets . Been doing that since before they invented dirt , unless I happen to have rubberized gasket paper handy . ;)

Re: Base gasket complaints!

Your right. I cut a gasket from a Cheerios box last year and it ran wierd but strong. It slightly retard the timing and gave it throttle response that surprise me. Yeah I'm gonna cut a few thanks for the reminder

Re: Base gasket complaints!

I have had a couple of mistakes from Treats and each time they made it good right away.

Break down and get proper gasket paper before you break down because you did not... cereal box material is too porous and is not consistent, hard to index the cylinder with shyte materials.

Re: Base gasket complaints!

> Rebel Moby Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

>... cereal box material is too porous and is not consistent, hard

> to index the cylinder with shyte materials.

You may be right , but , over the coarse of the last 50 some years , I've never had a problem using cereal boxes .

Maybe the cereal boxes in Canadaland are of lesser quality than here in the states . I still prefer using rubberized gasket paper . ;)

Re: Base gasket complaints!

EH 📣FCC of the QCB /

Forever and always cut your own base gaskets. A roll of felpro gasket paper can last for years.

Re: Base gasket complaints!

I'm gonna buy a roll of fellpro gasket paper and measure old gasket cut it out and use them.sounds good thanks yall

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