78 Maxi full build

Trevor McGrath /

Hello everyone!!

New to the vintage world of mopeds

Starting my full 78 maxi/cafe/bobber build

Everything has been ordered, soon as it arrives i will be taking step by step photos of all assembly and any modifications done while the build is underway!!

Any input, tricks, guidance would be cool, have tons of mechanical and some fabrication knowledge, tools available are just about any and all, (own my own shop)

if anyone has any other input or ideas for my build, i welcome all comments!!!

motor is a single speed e50

70cc ultimate treat kit

70cc hi hi head

45mm reed valve kit

vm20 mikuni carb

Radical sidebleed estoril pipe

super stuffy crank

cdi conversion kit

ebr front forks

Mlm rear swingarm

treatmetric jammer clutch version 6.4

gp1 street performance tires

grimeca 17" snowflake wheels

slammed puch black solo seat

Mlm shortened seat post

Black street low rise bars

Gsx gold drive chain

og deluxe magura throttle assembly

black brake lever kit

mikuni jet pack (10)

im sure im missing small stuff but long story short for an intro is everything is on the way and i couldnt be more excited !! Planning on jamming on this all summer so praying everything works out!!!

working on uploading photos of the maxi being stripped down !!


Re: 78 Maxi full build

Sounds like a lineup for a good project.

Re: 78 Maxi full build

Trevor McGrath /

Thank you, took some time selecting the parts, from what i can tell it should move my 160lb ass decently lol

Re: 78 Maxi full build

Good luck! But you are gonna regret those low bars.

Re: 78 Maxi full build

i've ridden on low bars. not very comfy. much prefer high/stock bars

Re: 78 Maxi full build

Trevor McGrath /

do you have any pictures of them mounted?

Re: 78 Maxi full build

Trevor McGrath /

do you by chance have any pictures or another set you would recommend? (edited)

Re: 78 Maxi full build

I’ve ridden a maxi for years with the long seat slammed all the way down and bars like you have listed.

It was comfortable for me and I’m 5’11” and 200lbs. I was having too much fun to notice if it ever got uncomfortable. Even on hour long rides.

Just do it if you like the looks and if you don’t like how it rides later, change it.

Leaning forward on the bars is good for weight distribution and control.

Re: 78 Maxi full build

Old pic. But you can see the shape of things.


Re: 78 Maxi full build

If you're doing a top down rebuild then you should consider replacing brake shoes (depending on wear), rebuilding and greasing the brake plates, and repacking and re-greasing the wheel bearings (or better yet switch to sealed bearing axle conversion, especially for the rear wheel at least)

Re: 78 Maxi full build

Trevor McGrath /

thank you! yes forgot to mention new shoes, tires tubes and i also am currently working on the wheel hub, just a clean, and repack before i mount my new tires on them !

Re: 78 Maxi full build

Trevor McGrath /


got the e50 completely stripped and ready to be case matched!

puch empty case.jpg

Re: 78 Maxi full build

Luke Stroehlein /

Good luck, I'm excited to see this unfold

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