Exhaust question!!

before I start destroying the baffle on this brand new bullet pipe I want to ask if someone might know if the pipe has been prepacked with packing materials???? Thanks in advance for your time.

Re: Exhaust question!!

Yes. Fiberglass

Re: Exhaust question!!

Damn . I knew that pipe has better potential! I had a bullet pipe in 2018 and it didn't come with any packing. I'm gonna get the baffle open and remove the packing to make It a better low end pipe.thanks for the response.

Re: Exhaust question!!

todd amundson /

That’s just going to make it slower. Either remove the packing and slip a tube over the stinger all the way down or repack it. Do not use house fiberglass. To loose

Re: Exhaust question!!

ill repack it good with fly racing material I have it's all I have

Re: Exhaust question!!

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Loose pack is better. Too tight=too loud. Don't cram it.

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