Custom intake advantage

I’m trying to search for some history on the forum but not finding what I’m looking for. I have the intake pictured below. I’m wanting to make a custom one to make a nice smooth curve and match the port on my Airsal cylinder better.

Right now, square to round leaves too much of a lip. Can’t go further and be sure of a seal. Seems like the whole thing is just unsatisfactory.

Before I go through all the trouble, figured I’d ask if there’s really that much to be gained? Not just performance but tuning and efficiency as well.

There’s some older thread about 3D printing manifolds and then making “lost wax” plaster molds to cast in aluminum.


Re: Custom intake advantage

Like this one.

But for shits and giggles, homemade. Cause I still have too much time in my hands.


Re: Custom intake advantage

Dirty30 Dillon /

Re: Custom intake advantage

Those are all purdy spensive for something I can make.

I read all the reviews though, wanting to see if anyone mentioned better tuning control or performance gains.

Didn’t see nothing. Maybe it’s more aesthetic than anything? Maybe the 90* bend makes turbulence that helps atomize fuel?

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Totally normal JBOT /

Changing your intake without doing anything else isnt going to do much of anything.

That being said, I make intakes for every bike, usually use carbs at 19mm or bigger and use all sorts of tubing/bicycle forks/handlebars etc for the main tube, then weld it to a thick washer cut and drilled as the flange.

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U can match your cylinder to intake. Prep the surfaces for a good seal. Once matched any performance gains would be marginal 90 degrees or not.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

Having a 90 wall step down into your cylinder is definitely not helping anything.

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I feel like I’ve got a lot of good equipment running.

I’ve been tuning my carb during break-in and I always pull the intake instead of the carb. Seeing that nice, big round port with square intake impression on the gasket just bugs me some. If I matched it, there’d be like 1mm left in a couple spots.

I guess it probably is gonna be more for peace of mind than actual necessity. The carb came with the intake so I used it.

Re: Custom intake advantage

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Maybe there is a reason for a 90 degree clearance...

If there is piddling. It only would serve to lube the crank.

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