Hpi Inner rotor cdi box on mini rotor

Anyone tried this? I like the timing curve on inner rotor more, but I dig the lights of mini rotor for a street bike. The connectors are the same. I'll probably tryn figure some things out with a multimeter maybe and give it a shot if no one else has. Any experience or other thoughts?

Re: Hpi Inner rotor cdi box on mini rotor

Justabunchoftrash 646260 /

I don’t think those boxes have curves?

Re: Hpi Inner rotor cdi box on mini rotor

That is false. This is the curve for inner rotor


And this is the curve for mini rotor with lights


Both straight from hpi. Inner has a sharper advance off of idle and retards more gradually, wheras the mini retard curve is just a straight line as rpms go up from 4k rpm or so. I've had them both on similar setups and like the performance of inner more but a practical light coil is nice

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