E50 kicker from Magnum X

Ok I've managed to pick up a unmolested (i hope) Magnum X motor, with 17mm bing and intake. Im hoping this motor and carb will be the start of a quickish and reliable engine to drop into my project bike. so i can restore the original motor to stock.. because other than the motor and exhaust I'm restoring the chassis to bone stock.. its a X40.

At the minute the original motor was fitted with a 70cc airsal kit, and head. but i think its still the original crank. and a 15mm Clone bing.. thats going in the bin! its leaking fuel like an incontinent pensioners convention. I've never had any luck with cheap Chinese clone carbs on ANY bike. preferring to stick to genuine mikuni, keihin, Bing, Deloroto etc.. every clones been junk.. you get what you pay for i guess! I have most of the parts from the original bikes 14mm bing, which ill rebuild, and I'm hoping that the 17mm one one the magnum motor is genuine as well, wont know for sure till it turns up.

The airsal kit fitted to original motor is nearly new, not even ran in, its been started a handful of times for minutes at a time. would it be ok to reuse this on the magnum motor? or is there something better and more reliable? cranks, mixing cost/performance/reliability whats hot at the minute? if i can get 40mph out of this and it can drag my arse up a hill.. there lots of them in my city! I seriously don't want to be rebuilding this motor every couple of weeks. pipe wise i was going to fit something like a tecno circuit, or estoril. I live in the UK so suggesting treats, is a non starter, the shipping would be a killer. Any suggestions on the clutch? 2 shoe, 3 shoe, what colour of springs for a 6ft 2 220lb guy... yeah i know it will look like a clown-bike growing out my arse.

I plan on stripping this engine down as soon as it comes in, if it isn't broken or goes missing en route. So i can access the condition of the crankcases, and the kickstart mech etc. how many bearings should a genuine magnum motor have? Ill upload some photos once i get my hands on it and give it a clean.

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