Sachs 5051b kits

Hello everybody,

New member, and “new“ moped!

I've recently picked up an early 80's Sachs Seville with the 5051b engine and would like to get a little more out of it. From what I’ve read the 5051b is pretty much the wimpiest of the 505 motors and I’ve seen the Athena 70cc kits and figured that’d be plenty of power for my moped.

Are these kits pretty much universal between the various 505 engines, or will I need to possibly swap out the crank as well? Are the kits worth the money, or should I just look for a used A,C, or D engine? Or would just putting on a 12mm carb(came with a 10mm), better exhaust, and rear sprocket be enough to make a difference?

I’m don’t really need to hit 40mph or anything, I’d just like to get a little more pull when I hit a slight incline.

Re: Sachs 5051b kits

Re: Sachs 5051b kits

you B will have all the same performance considerations as the A.

Once you've replaced cylinder carb and pipe, it's essentially identical to the A.

The D has a longer stroke and results in more torque and more power, you can get this also by using the long stroke aftermarket crank or a used D crank, but the gain's probably not worth it for you - just carb pipe and cylinder is good to go

Word of caution though, the intake on the airsal really only fits the stock carb well, if you do intend to use the square bing, at least upgrade to the 12mm from the A or D engines, your B carb is 10mm and suuuuuuuckkkkkkksssss

basically the intake with the kit is shit. but a new intake is another 50+ bucks. Still, best setup would be like a VM16 or 18 or even a 15 SHA.

you can modify a stock intake to work, but not your stock B intake, gotta be from an A.

I know this is confusing, if you want an easy bolt-on setup, MLM 15 SHA intake, 15mm genuine dellorto (or arbeo) SHA, 28mm header and clamp-on exhaust, and the airsal 70. like $400 bucks (see attachment)

alternately use the included airsal intake and either find a used 12mm SACHS square bing (I can send you one but you'll have to swap some parts from yours - just use the 12mm bored body). treats is out of stock:

be aware the standard bing carbs like from puchs do NOT fit. they fit the intake but dont have clearance and hit the frame and hte engine so it cant work without weird spacers and shit

quicksachs setup.JPG

Re: Sachs 5051b kits

Roger Chave /

Thank you,

I figured I’d go ahead and order the kit, a new carb and go from there. I’m not afraid of fabrication or modification so having to Make something work, like more room for a bigger carb, isn’t anything that’s gonna make me shy away.

This B motor just doesn’t have much guts and struggles with the slightest incline, so even a little improvement is gonna feel pretty significant.

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