Choosing rear shock absorbers for e-moped

Sopheus Sopheus /

Hello everyone,

I need a little advice regarding rear suspension length selection for my e-scooter (Niu U1).

E-scooter net weight: 56 kg

E-scooter wheel size: 16X3.0

My weight: 80 kg (sometimes I ride with my wife, who is about 45 kg)

Front shock absorber length (I have changed original fork to a longer one): 400 mm

At the place where I live road condition is not that great, there are a lot of bumps.

Available rear shock absorber lengths that I'm choosing from (one per each side): 265mm/290mm/315mm

What would be optimal rear shock absorber length considering the specs above?

Personally I am thinking of 290mm, but not sure if it will be an overkill.


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