Av10 build

Sean Depoitte /

How's everyone doing,

Not long in the moped game but in the middle of building A house so time get the ultimate blaster built before the banks have me by the balls, haha

I am wanting to build the ultimate blaster av10 for a moped, what's your build? Would you go for.

If possible and exact parts list and I can start a build while waiting for this virus to fuck off

Re: Av10 build

Have you built other 2stroke engines before? If not you may wanna try a mild setup first. Motobecanes (French bikes in general) are known to be finicky. And going for super high top speed and staying decently reliable is a lot of modification to things like the engine cases or even you brand new cylinder may need to have the port map modified with a rotary tool and files. I don’t mean to be rude about asking if you’ve built moped motors before just the wording of wanting an “ultimate blaster” and then asking for what let’s to buy makes it “sound” like you’re new to it, which it totally fine! I don’t want to assume because you’re new to mopeds you’re also new to two strokes engines in general.

But if that’s the case remember the faster it goes the more it will break, and if a lot of your work is custom it’s ganna be a headache but if you really love the. Ike you’ll always find the time to fix it and blast again :)

But parts list would deff be





To rebuild your bottom end, always good to have fresh stuff in the bottom if you wanna double the power output of a tiny motor!

I’ve never put a kit on a moby a lot of my heart is in Italian bikes, I’m sure others will let you know what cylinders they like, but I will say I’m a huge fan of the dellorto PHBG carbs they can be annoying to tune, but I feel are super great carbs once dialed in, you’ll need jets and needles to experiment with. There is a PHBG tuning guide in the wiki section of the site. You also can see what others are running with the Moped tuning spreadsheet. For some more reference points to other people’s set ups and what kind of speeds they are getting. There is a motobecane specific section. Hope this helps! (edited)

Re: Av10 build

Incelforlifebaby!hotandhorny69 646260 /

Yea av10

Re: Av10 build

Probably ready to publish this by next weekend if you are porting yourself


Re: Av10 build

Sean Depoitte /

New tó mobylette but not two strokes, race them for years so would have a respectable about of knowledge with them,

Can you shoot me a pm when that book is published also please

Re: Av10 build

Sean Depoitte /

The plan would be buy the av10 cases and build a complet new engine,

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