N8P specs

Luke Stroehlein /

Hey guys, anyone have the exact measurements of the n8p pipe? I'd love to weld a pipe with the same measurements. Let me know if you can help!

Re: N8P specs

I have one thats a flat port. Could take measurements this weekend

Re: N8P specs

Luke Stroehlein /

That would be awesome. Thank you

Re: N8P specs

These are kinda rough measued. Used a micrometer. You'll basically get a 2d rendering if you drar it out on paper.

Cone 1: 127mm long

33mm to 44mm

Cone 2: 67mm long

44mm to 49mm

Cone 3: 197mm

49mm to 90mm

Cone 4: 54mm long

90 to 90

Cone 5: 115mm long

90mm to 50mm

Baffel 185mm

Head 80mm 25mm port . Unfortunately i cant bend my micrometer so the length of a bent tube is a guesstimate.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Re: N8P specs

Luke Stroehlein /

Awesome, thank you so much. Just to be clear when you say baffle is 185 you're talking about stinger length right? Also what was the ID of the stinger?

Re: N8P specs

Stinger is 185mm long. 50mm wide. Gotta do the ol algebruhhh! Like pie(r)² to get diameter or somethin like that. I guess i should have said that those are all radius measurements. Hope this helps.

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