Peugeot belt?

Okay... I’ve been out of the game for a few year and have sold off all but 4 bikes, of which two are Peugeot rippers. I’ve been running Gates BX32 belts for years with no issues. Reading a thread the other day I see that multiple folks mentioned using AC32 belts?

What are folks out there using for belts on their Peugeot builds?

Re: Peugeot belt?

I've been running the malossi special toothed belt on mine for years, I'm pretty sure it's an ax32

Worked fine with stock vario and Doppler with clutch pully as well

If there are better options, let us know!

Re: Peugeot belt?

A32 or 4L-340 super cheapo china soft rubber belts: grips like crazy but wears out sooner than a name brand so just carry a spare (at about 1/3 the cost I am still ahead)

Re: Peugeot belt?

Meant to say AX, not AC in my original post. Looks like my memory is also horrible... I am running AX32 belts, haha.

Thanks for the input though. (edited)

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