QT50 60cc kit, what is the way to go these days?

Trevor Buonaccorsi /

A few years ago I did a niche 60cc kit on my qt50. It was a screaming deal and shipped very fast as it came from within canada.

It was my very first time doing a big bore install and I had some issues with tuning etc and leaned it out a few times and I dont think I broke it in properly. It ended up losing compression on me and the bike has been sitting for a year or so.

I wanna get it back on the road but it seems the whole niche kit at the reduced price is no longer listed and I dont know if I want to buy it in pieces at an increased price.

I thought about going 70cc but I wouldnt want to do it without finding out the whole package of what i need as I imagine id need a bigger carb etc and I have the bike tuned pretty well for 60cc now.

I imagine the market has changed a bit and googling found me this.


They suggest pairing it with this head but I was a bit confused as its listed as a 70cc head, wouldnt that be bigger and drop my compression?


Are there other kits preferably in canada that are considered better now? I dont wanna go too crazy with price considering how crappy the exchange rate is to the us dollar. Treatland has a yt60 kit without gaskets it seems but I seem to remember getting nailed on the exchange rate and duty there.

Im hoping to go with a full kit that has everything I need just so I dont need to worry even if I dont end up needing everything as its been awhile since I did the first one and cant remember everything.

Re: QT50 60cc kit, what is the way to go these days?

Jack Rutherford /

What exhaust do you have?

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