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So I bought this new pulley because the stock bearing in the old one decided to crap out after nearly 50 years (no surprise there) The new one had good reviews on Treatland and it looked high quality but I came to find out that it’s kinda shit it wobbles like crazy messing with variation and the belt seems to sit on top of it instead of inside it and the belt hops off and gets all twisted. Am I doing something wrong and is there any chance I can salvage the old pulley? Here’s a quick video of the compression

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Those aftermarket pulleys often have a goodly wobble to them. Can replace the old pulley needle bearing cartridges if that was all that is wrong OR carefully take the wobble out of the new pulley.

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I might just get a new bearing since that's all that went wrong so hopefully, that does the trick.

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Pedal shaft could be bent.

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It is likely bothering the heck out of you that the new pulley is bent.

If it is the entire periphery warped compared to the hub then use a sharpie braced to the frame and while the pulley is turning slowly bring it to contact to the pulley so you have a mark where the pulley deviates. Make a jig from 3/4 plywood with a 100mm hole cut so you can access the hub easily and clamp the rest of the pulley. Use a 1 meter long piece of 16mm hardened shaft to help slightly bend the hub away from the sharpie mark. Just to a little and then recheck the periphery with the sharpie method.

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> I might just get a new bearing since that's all that went wrong so

> hopefully, that does the trick.

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I've used that cast pulley on my last build and I really liked it, the pulley itself was pretty good but the assembly on it was terrible. I took it all apart and reassembled with red loctite and had to chase one hole that was cross threaded. It might just be the hub screwed crooked to the casting. I bet they just ram them in there without tighten the bolts in a cross pattern.

The other issue with these is that they aren't greased from the factory, they just have some light machine oil on them. I wonder if some of the bearing failures are from people that just slap them on without packing the bearing full of grease.

Welcome to mopeds, pretty much anything on a moped build has to be taken apart before you can use it, check all the torque, clean it up, reassemble with loctite, grease...

If it really is crooked, send it back to treats, they will take care of you. Mine runs true as heck. Also, I have had plastic pulleys that were super warped, and they don't roll belts, usually that is from misalignment. Make sure you are aligned at full variation and your engine mount spacer bushings are intact.

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