Sachs clutch spring

Who here has used the treats 25 % stiffer clutch spring?

How is it?

Re: Sachs clutch spring

Just FYI it's supposed to be a huge bitch to put on

And I think the pads still glaze even with late engagement

Re: Sachs clutch spring

Ok thanks.

Re: Sachs clutch spring

I shortened my spring, it was a bitch to put on but no glazing problems, I think that is just on the manual models. The centrifugal clutch pads hold but it spins on the shaft at a certain point.

You will need two needle nose vice grips, and shortening the spring doesn't help much, I dunno about the stiffer one. I was going to drill out the weights but I decided to just go with a 2m instead.

Re: Sachs clutch spring

2m? Is that a motor or something?

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