1977 A3 Tomos stator replacement/ upgrade

I am currently running an 80mm stator on my 1977 Tomos A3. My stator plate is broken and I need a new one, but I am having trouble finding one in stock anywhere.

What alternative upgrades are out there that would allow me to eliminate the points or just have a better/ reliable ignition system? Are there any electric ignition kits for these?

Re: 1977 A3 Tomos stator replacement/ upgrade

I mean I'll send you an a3 stator if you want one but usually they are easy to fix. All tomos use the same ignition if you replace flywheel and stator together, also any Puch za-50 will fit along with about half of all mopeds

You can do the cheap replacement internal coil one from treats but you still want to put good points in there

Re: 1977 A3 Tomos stator replacement/ upgrade

Michael Fox /

Thank you, but I dont mind purchasing one from the websites. I am getting confused with all the makes and models out there, determining what fits and does not. I found tons of Puch ZA50 stator magneto combos on their website for around $60. Will those fit?

Would you be able to send me a link or title of the item that I should purchase to just replace the whole stator and flywheel (flywheel if necessary)?

Re: 1977 A3 Tomos stator replacement/ upgrade

My inclination is that you should figure out what's wrong with the stock parts first, if you buy a new one all the wires are different, you gotta do the same or more work getting it to work depending on what's wrong with the original part. The ZA stuff physically fits.

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