Puch Jammer 6.4 springs

So let's talk about this last run of jammer clutches and springs.

I could only every use the lightest supplied springs because the mediums would slip forever. ATF type F and 0w20 motor oil slipped wayyy too much (0w20 is may fav for 3 shoe). So I switched to royal purple max atf and that helped a ton, night and day difference. After about a month the springs got wonky. The first couple miles the clutch worked great but then the springs would engage super quick but still be able to slip. That effect was most noticeable starting out on a hill when the bike would bog weird. It took me a little to figure out this is what was happening. I also noticed if I feathered the throttle around 15-20 mph the clutch would engage and if held there, would accelerate great. But just a little too much throttle and then slip city until higher rpm's are reached. But again the medium springs we're still too much slip.

Fast forward to a few days ago I finally bought the malossi springs for the jammer clutch and tried the white ones. Holy shit what an improvement! The clutch doesn't start slipping too soon. It slips to right where it "should", my butt says it feels right. When the clutch does finally fully engage its super smooth. I don't get that slight drop in rpm I had with every other clutch set up I've ever run. Also had it stay in power pulling me (6ft 250 lbs) a consistent 25 up hill with 17x45 gearing. Normally I'd get occasional slipping or the bike taking 5-10 seconds to get up to power.

I won't run the stock springs again. They work for starting out and definitely better than the clutch coming with no springs. But if you haven't switched to malossi springs I highly suggest it. I avoided it because I kept thinking "These light springs already slip too much, why go heavier" but its changing the time that the clutch starts slipping as well as when it fully engages. Just like eso vs blue springs in a 2 or 3 shoe clutch. You can set the eso to engage fully at the same rpm as blue springs but the eso springs will start slipping later.

I am refering to these


This is all on a ported tccd, 19phbg, estoril, 17x45 gearing.

TLDR; The malossi springs in the jammer 6.4 rule!

Re: Puch Jammer 6.4 springs

Totally normal JBOT /

Every setup is different.



Re: Puch Jammer 6.4 springs

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

I much prefer a 2 shoe or even a 3 shoe. That reminds me, I still have my 6.3 jammer that I barely used.....i guess it's for sale? Anybody want one? Very low miles. Shoot me a PM I guess

Re: Puch Jammer 6.4 springs

> JBOT Admin Wrote:

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> Every setup is different.





Definitely. It'd be cool to see what other peoples experiences are with this clutch and different springs. Did they hate it or like it, blow it up, reach the moon....?

>Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) wrote:


>I much prefer a 2 shoe or even a 3 shoe. That reminds me, I still have my 6.3 >jammer that I barely used.....i guess it's for sale? Anybody want one? Very low >miles. Shoot me a PM I guess

Never heard much good about the 6.3 jammer or those press pin shoes. I heard a lot of people had issues with the pads delaminating. So far my 6.4 shoes have been holding up which is surprising because they put some beautiful blue and gold stripes on one of my clutch bells.


I have two 6.4 jammers in two different e50's. One is a ported treats reed kit and the other is a ported tccd 70 kit, mentioned above. I had pretty similiar results regarding the stock springs in both setups. The treats reed setup I have is more tuned towards low end. Performance was decent with the lightest stock springs. Although worth mentioning that the bell has a big blue stripe from wayyyyy to much slipping. Also after about 2 months had the same effect of the springs getting too springy when hot but that setup was better at powering through it (probably shoulda stopped "just running it" awhile ago and saved the bell, ha). That bike is being rebuilt currently but gonna try the yellow malossi springs in that one and report back.

Please add your experience with the 6.4 jammer clutch. Whether you hated or liked it. I know there's someone who blew one of these up with a gila e50, would be great to get some details on that.

Re: Puch Jammer 6.4 springs

Just put one in my e50 treat reed kit. 19mm delorto clone, malossi 4 pedal, hpi mini rotor, treat side bleed, 17x40. Runnin what the clutch already had installed on it (light springs?). Seems like a step up so far from the two shoe with blue springs i had in the bike. Figured i blow the two shoe up at some point with the hpi on there so i bit the bulllet and got the jammer. Regular type f atf. However, i seem to get some over rev sometimes before take off. Having the bike hit some really high rpm at take off then dropping down fairly quick. Had a similar thing happening with my two shoe that made me think something was wrong with it, and after removing it i could start to see where the pads where degrading. Caught it before distruction. Maybe its something other than the clutch that im unaware of. I did soak the jammer in atf for awhile as recommended before installation. Waiting for an ignition micrometer in the mail, because the bolt came loose on the flywheel and threw my time outta wack. Will report back when im on the road again. Im tempted to try these malossi springs. Definitely looking for a more consistent slip.

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I had the same exact experience on a Gila with an 8p, tomos cdi with parmakit box, vforce reeds, oko 24, new lightened bell from treats etc.

it was horrible with the stock springs, i tried the lightest ones first as well. the way the clutch would break free and rev out to max RPM with any sort throttle position over 1/2 throttle was horrible, especially while trying to break in a new clutch bell and not glaze the pads and ruin the clutch. I was using royal purple max atf for this.

I tried the malossi white springs and it was a whole new clutch. Actually engaged smoothly and evenly, never would break free and rev to max RPM.

tldr; the springs the clutch comes with are terrible, absolutely useless on the bike I was tuning. the malossi springs make this clutch usable, and I only tried the white ones.

the jammer 6.4 clutch should not be sold without the malossi springs imo.

i'd like to mess with one more on a little bit tamer setup but i don't think i'll be building anything any time soon. or maybe not who really knows? (edited)

Re: Puch Jammer 6.4 springs

Placed the red malossi springs in there. Used motorex dexon III atf. Guess they use this oil in newer ktm/huskys 50cc bikes. So far, wow, huge improvement. Clutch feels way more consistent, disengages and my bike coasts really well now. Clutch engages around 4 to 6k rpm. Slips into the power band. Its like budda

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