The final addition - exhaust

Ok y’all. My magnum has finally hit 50. 50.8 GPS confirmed. That has been my goal since I got it. Thank god. Now, I said in my last post that I want to Cruze at 40 without risking any bearings or cylinder wear. This summer I’ll be riding 40 miles a day 3 days a week. So, from what I understand, my techno bullet exhaust on my magnum isn’t that great. Well, now I need to know what exhaust to get. My needs are: good low end and top end, reliable, and pretty damn quiet. Techno circuit? Treat pipe? Let me know. Or I could just stick with the pipe I have, personally I don’t think it’s bad, but I’d like to hear opinions.

Spec list:


Kstar kit

Hi comp head

Stuffy race crank

21mm oko


(Techno bullet)

18x40 gearing (might change to 16x40)

Re: The final addition - exhaust

a pipe change isnt gonna make your bike any more reliable, piston/bearing wear.

u rebuilt with new bearings and seals, correct? get a temp sensor and look at it when it starts running really really good.

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