So i recently started the build on my 1995 tomos targa lx. I got it running well but i noticed the tansmission was a little slow so now im doing a engine rebuild. Im replaceing the seals and bearings on the bottom end, the rings on the piston, and getting a hi comp head. I was wondering what would be too much compression. I currently have a 70cc airsal 44mm and i just got a 15 sha carb. Im also getting new intake and new clutch pads with spring.

So the questions i have are what would i need for a engine rebuild. Also i got a 20 and 25lb springs is that good.

Also a side question i need a tailight / breaklight i wanted to put one that was also turn signals. Is that posible


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Do some searches, either here or on google. The questions you’ve asked have most likely been answered many times before with good input given

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project moped manual has the a35 shop manual, start by grabbing that, print it out so you can easily reference it. read through the whole thing so you know what you're getting into.

a35's are just about one of the easiest moped engines to build but there are still a few pitfalls. pay attention to keeping all the shims and spacers on the shafts in order.

i would at the very least replace your crank bearings and seals, and the two small bearings in your side cover, new gasket set.

that said, if it aint broke dont fix it. maybe pull your clutch cover first and see if any of this is necessary, might be something else wrong with your bike, rebuilding the engine for no good reason is just an opportunity to fuck shit up. Same with the ring, i usually get 4-6k miles out of a set of rings on a chrome kit, unless its been seized or overheated a whole bunch you probably wont gain anything just replacing that for fun.

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seriously though, the shims are KILLER, cant stress this enough

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Thanks to everyone who replied so what i got was to keep track of everything, read alot, and especcially keep track of shims

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