Lectron carburetor

Anyone ever try running one of these self tuning carbs? Aparently you just set your idle and you're good to go. Or maybe im not reading it right. I dont know. Check it out for yourself. Not sure if its worth $500 bucks though.


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That just looks like a modified flat slide diaphragm pumper carb. No jets you just move the screw. You can get one for like 30 bucks on eBay.

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I believe the smallest ones available right now are 30mm.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

Lectrons are great carbs, they are just sized and priced out of mopeds.

Even if they did offer a moped sized version, most moped people don't wanna but a genuine Dellorto for $120, let alone a $350 carb

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True that. I bought a clone dellorto race carb, so i guess im one of those peeps. Haha. Works great though.

I figured this would be something someone might throw on their race set up. Or maybe even a pinball run bike.

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Huh, wow. That things pretty novel. Looks like you change the rods instead of jets.

That big flat body had me thinking it was like a tillotson

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comes up every once in a while, search back and you'll find some threads.

If you want that twistytuney you can get the mikuni dial a tune jets, i've not run either but again search back and it's pretty documented

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My dad runs a 38mm (I think) on a CR125. It works well, but so did the stock mikuni that was on it

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lectrons are AWESOME! i have one on my '06 KTM 300 xcw 2smokee,, they're pretty sweet

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Yeah I ran a 34mm lectron power jet carb in my Aprilia rs50 that I cr125 swapped. Amazing carbs, you use a tool to screw the metering rod in or out of the slide to adjust idle/mid-range. The carb is dialed in to your setup from the factory and you are given a few metering rods to choose from. A 3-2xl rod would have a richer top end fuel and leaner bottom end and you would tune accordingly. The clear float bowls don't even melt! Also power Jet was super nice and did juuuust enough up top to keep things happy.


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Hey Nick. Any more info on the CR swapped RS, I'm intrigued.

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they're popular on woods racey stuff and not super popular on road racey applications where you have to modulate throttle really carefully, not sure what that says about their characteristics but I assume that's not a coincidence.

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Yeah more CR RS swap info

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Lectron only sells like 30mm+ carbs I think

Smartcarb sells a 25mm and 28mm and will pretune it for your moped if you give them your setup and previous carb tuning. -$500

Treats sells adjustable main jets for tm24 and vm20/22 for a lot less.

I use both a 25mm smartcarb and adjustable tm24 and they both work fantastic. My personal favorite options for mopeds. You could probably make slightly more power if you tuned a pwk just absolutely perfect, but the smart carb just smooths everything out and is easy. Tm24 is tm24. You can have sloppy tunning and spitting gas out the front but it always runs great!


25mm smart carb on 70cc stage6 Hobbit


TM24 on 76cc stroker case inducted eurokit E50 (edited)

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how are you liking that adjustable jet? still working on my bike but keeping an eye on that thing as well

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