15.15 SHA on hobbit

I'm really not seeing much talk on the forum search about SHA on hobbit. Anyone here use 15.15 SHA on hobbit? I'd like to discuss some building and tuning stuff

Re: 15.15 SHA on hobbit

I feel like if you were considering throwing a 15 sha on a hobbit then you should just stick with the keihin carb already on there. At least with that one there’s a mixture screw you can use to fine tune it. I’ve seen setups with DRs and and proma that kept their stock carb and just jetted them to 90. Just make sure it has the two pedal reeds and matching intake and you should be ok. A 15 sha won’t do you any better than stock IMO.

If you DO want an upgraded carb you might as well get a 19 phbg or something similar. Either way, you’d have to get a new intake so you might as well go for broke and get the big boy setup.

Re: 15.15 SHA on hobbit

I did it once with a custom intake that shot out the side.

Re: 15.15 SHA on hobbit

Have one on my hobbit with the mlm intake. Gets the carb out from under the frame which is the main advantage. Makes jet changes way easier.

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